:  Kathy Duvall provides foot, hand and /or ear reflexology

Integrated reflexology (a combination of hand,foot and ear reflexology) Flocco method 

Reflexology Lymph Drainage (RLD: Sally Kay technique) for lymphedema management and auto immune conditions

NEW! Traditional Thai Reflexology : based on centuries old techniques to promote energy flow through the body

Fertility reflexology -to promote a body ready for

pregnancy (both partners welcome)

Maternity reflexology- to provide relief from common discomforts of pregnancy (Maternity Reflexology Consortium Suzanne Enzer method)

Endocrine Balance technique- to restore balance to the endocrine system(Suzanne Enzer method)

Metamorphic Technique - a gentle transformative technique to help an individual "move forward"

Brazilian Toe technique - a technique aimed at relieving pain and balancing body systems.

  • Appropriate essential oils may be used during a reflexology session to further promote wellbeing and relaxation

  • Relaxing foot soak with epsom salts and sugar scrub is provided before reflexology begins 

  • Reclining zero gravity chair with far infra red /amethyst mat is used for further relaxation 


Aromatherapy: Essential Oils will be selected for individual clients needs at each reflexology session. Blends can also be created for health and wellness from roll ons, droppers, creams, inhaler sticks and sprays.

PRICE LIST: Feb 2020

  • 65 mins reflexology: $70 (includes aroma foot soak, and hot towels)

  • package of three 65 mins reflexology: $195 ($15 saving)

  • 90 mins reflexology: $85 (includes mixture of techniques, foot soak and hot towels)

  • package of three 90 mins reflexology: $230 ($25 saving) 

  • No frills 40 min sessions $40 (great for weekly symptom relief sessions)

  • (please ask about rates for over 75s and veterans)

  • Essential Oil blends : Ready made roll ons : $12

  • Essential Oil Consultation and personal blend $40/ repeat blend $20

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