Do you need balance and relaxation in your life ?

Reflexology and aromatherapy are wonderful holistic therapies to help you reduce stress and promote wellbeing.

Kathy Duvall is friendly, professional and caring and ready to help you achieve your wellness goals !  

What can reflexology do? 

it helps relax,detoxify,balance body and mind, promotes circulation and lymphatic drainage.

Therapeutic touch to the feet or hands promotes a whole body response. It is based on the principle that the organs and structures of the body respond to pressure applied to certain corresponding locations on the feet hands and ears via nerve pathways. The aim of reflexology is to help the person reach a state of homeostasis or natural balance in a holistic manner.

There are numerous studies that show benefits of reflexology - see resources page for details.

Blue Chamomile Reflexology and Aromatherapy announcement - Now offering sessions at Healthy Lifestyles Network In Peachtree City - tel 770-778-9049 for an appointment !

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